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Welcome to Kronos, In a Suit! In which Kronos becomes addicted to the show "Scandal" and tries to understand what Tony Goldwyn's face is.

Don't expect quality, just enjoy it.

Oh Kronos. I came on here to look for that Gladiators road trip map and then I was swept into the amazingness and nostalgia and the Futile Devices feels and OMG! What has happened?!?

Ah, down the void of the good old days of hope and joy…

To be honest I kinda miss writing Futile Devices. I never really thought of a proper end to it, but I did know some of the big points and it was going to be pretty epic, but after the last season my motivation to continue just went..

When the world is dark and things are getting hard… there’s only one thing to do———


That’s right my dear friends, DrunkScandal is BACK! Dedicated to the loveliest of lovelies, mistressoftheblack, The Tipsy Trio of katrinapavela, mellygrant and kronosinasuit are back with a vengeance and ready to take on the season 3 finale.

And considering I have never been able to watch the whole thing, this is gonna get messy.

So pour your glass, garnish your martini and cue up your tv - DrunkScandal will be back this Friday 5PM EST to bring the silly.

Depression is a bitch but there are people out there who truly love you and will stand by your side as you try to weather the storm. My inbox is always open, as are these lines here if it all gets too much:

Stay alive. The world is a better place with you in it.

Hi Kronos, I was just wondering do you use QuickTime Pro for your GIFs or the free downloadable version, because I'm trying to gif and it won't let me trim unless I buy the Quickpro 7, something I most definitely do not want to do because I give too much of my money to Apple as it is. Any date links you can forward me anonymously, I'd be grateful.

Hi anon! I didn’t know about this but just checked it out and it seems that apple did indeed suddenly move all the cool stuff that was once free to their new version of quicktime pro so people would by it. Which is totally crap!  But we shall try and find a way around it! I use Quicktime Player 10.2, which works for me. Here’s some download link that hopefully will work!

or if you have a torrent downloader try this:

Hello Kronos. I have followed you for a while and you are very funny. (Although I have not seen you talk about Scandal much.) Can you tell me if you have a GIF tutorial on youtube. I think I should take my tumblr experience to the next level. Ta

Thanks for the message! I’ve turned off blogging about scandal because it just makes me angry and I’d prefer to keep kronosinasuit a happy place, so maybe when I get over my frustration I’ll be back, but instead just making fun of it. But yay for wanting to make gifs! I made a tutorial a while back, you can find it here - - hopefully that helps, but if you have any questions about gif stuff my inbox is always open so just drop a line and I’ll see if I can help you out. Happy gif making!

Hello kronos will you be doing a farewell drunken scandal podcast if so I would love to call in chat about all my feels and I have a lot of feel (3 season of waiting) and they pull this


interesting thought mistress, and would certainly warrant the drinking… but would people be down with strange drunken post-mortem/semi-funeral drunkscandal? Just that I think personally my only reactions would be eitherimage





i did it and i’d do it again

stolen from this post

Hi Kronos! I read in a tweet from SR where she said if Liv and Fitz married it would basically signify the end of the series. I couldn't believe it! She has that whole battery of writers and they wouldn't be able to come up with story lines for a Republican President and his Apolitical Crisis Manager Wife? The politics of that alone is a rich vein right there. I have read some FanFic (yours included) that would make terrific Eps. and story arcs. Do you agree with SR?

I think that’s a very safe no.

I mean what the hell?

Just thinking of all the fascinating complications that would come out of a presidential divorce is making me excited - let alone a marriage too. And then how would that work? Would she still be a fixer? Would she work at the White House? Think of all the questions of her own independence and agency and dreams - it would be really intriguing. And it would be a long and difficult path too, but I think they’re avoiding it completely, because, i dunno, spies and stuff.

Just the whole notion that stories get less interesting after marriage just pisses me the fuck off.

I mean she tells us this isn’t a fairy tale yet she still has the disney mindset that marriage is the final shot.

Would Olivia Pope be so boring after she’s married?

It just seems so reductive, like the only reason we’re interested in her is because of the affair. And fuck that shit.

Reposting this for the always brilliant mellygrant. Because reasons.

#WHY IS FITZ SO FUCKING FUCKFACE accurate tag is so fucking accurate