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Welcome to Kronos, In a Suit! In which Kronos becomes addicted to the show "Scandal" and tries to understand what Tony Goldwyn's face is.

Don't expect quality, just enjoy it.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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    Ya always twist what shonda puts and or changed in this show always a message or something behind it :)
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    I actually think he’s not going to be normal. I think this is Olivia normal kick with Edison and once she’s done with...
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    LOL at the jam part. The sterlisation of bottles, making sure there’s enough pectin for it to set, epic amounts of white...
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    Everything about this post makes me want to cry… I’m going through all of the emotions with these theories and plausible...
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    Oooh, this is why I love you all. Because before, I was like, “Why is Henry coming to Scandal. Aint nobody got time for...
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    ^^ EVERYTHING And Milton hit it pon di head. NO MORE PEDASTALS. Fitz needs this. He placed Olivia on the highest of...
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    ^^^I totally agree…It will be interesting to see it all play out. The story in its self that you just explained is worth...
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