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So, here’s the thing that worries me:

We all know Shonda comes from the school of ‘No One Tells Me What To Do’ School of Writing. Which can sometimes work to her benefit, but other times…

Basically I worry that she will take this uproar about the last five minutes of the season finale as the fandom making the usual hissy fit because their OTP didn’t get together.

Which it isn’t. I’m not here for sunshine and flowers. I’m here for drama, I’m here for complications and tribulations. If you’re going to break up Olitz, fine - give them a big fuck off, substantial, credible reason to do so.

I am not pissed because Olitz didn’t ride off into the sunset.

I am pissed because for no real reason, at the very last second, seemingly on a whim, she reversed everything she had been building.

It just seems so un-thought out, sudden, flippant and capricious - and in just a simple cut of the edit she undermined every scene Olivia and Fitz had leading up to that point.

It’s almost like we spent a year slowly climbing a mountain, then all of a sudden we find ourselves back at the bottom going ‘wtf just happened?’ - when Shonda appears from nowhere and shouts ‘THERE WAS NO MOUNTAIN!’ then disappears into a puff of smoke.

Shonda Rhimes has a history of patronising her fans, thinking we all just want things with happiness and puppies then patting us on the head saying “poor fools - you don’t understand drama”.

We understand drama.

We want drama.

We just don’t want illogical writing.

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    Kronosinasuit I agree. What surprises me how Olivia has changed. Cyrus has used and bullied her for Two seasons, but she...
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    Yes to all of this. SR suddenly wants to moralize on a show about election rigging murder and torture. And basically is...
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    Isn’t she notorious for last minute editing? It’s like she wakes up in the middle of the night with another idea , makes...
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    We all know Shonda comes from the school of ‘No One Tells Me What To Do’ School of Writing. Which can sometimes work to...
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    this idea that olivia cant have a job if she is first lady seems odd to me.. wasnt Hillary Clinton a board director at...
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    I agree completely. Olivia at this point is coming out as a selfish and quite clueless too (because there’s no way a...
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