Kronos, In a Suit!
Welcome to Kronos, In a Suit! In which Kronos becomes addicted to the show "Scandal" and tries to understand what Tony Goldwyn's face is.

Don't expect quality, just enjoy it.

And then Liv will read that woman like a motherfucker.

I want this because of reasons

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    The “Bobblehead” tapes were heard within the confines of OPA, not out in the public. Except for the guy who planted...
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    I keep changing my mind about this. I could see Abby knowing about it because it’s been hinted at she at least suspected...
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    Hell, I’m still waiting for Abby to read Liv down for Bobblehead. That’s the ONLY thing Abby has that warrants an epic...
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    What I want is for Olitz to shut out Cyrus like Fitz did.
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    I do not think that Abby and Quinn knew that Fitz’s mistress was Olivia. There is no way that Huck or Harrison would...
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    Abby and Quinn were thinking about Amanda Tanner/Fitz while Huck and Harrison knew about Liv/Fitz..this is what they...
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    Abby and Quinn don’t know about Fitz and Olivia, but they do know about Fitz and Amanda Tanner. Quinn was closest to the...
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    I’m honestly not that shocked that they haven’t put two and two together because apparently Cyrus was present for the...
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    How would they not? Seriously, that was always something I found incredulous is that they didn’t make the connection...
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    Liv went to David and told him everything about AT. I could have sworn she told him that Billy sent AT to try to take...